Anonymous Kindness: The Roots of Opperation Hope

Opperation Hope focuses on the kind deeds people can do without revealing their own identities. This allows people to send encouragement to people they don't usually talk to without the situation being too awkward. It also allows those who are going through tough times to understand that there are people who care about them. It's a small but meaningful act of kindness that can hopefully change someone's life for the better, even if only a little bit.

Hope Opperators: The People Behind the Idea

Since this is a website focusing on anonymous acts of kindness, the people of Opperation Hope wish to not be recognized by their real names. They prefer to be recognized by their pennames: Aly and Mebediel. These two girls are best friends who have a common cause: to make the world a better place for other people. Both of them are involved in a lot of online communities with similar purposes, such as ItStartsWith.Us and One of their hobbies is to put sticky notes around their community with words of encouragement written on them. To get to know more about Aly and Mebediel, visit the blog.