How does it work, exactly?

When someone fills out the form on the Send Hope page, the information will be sent to the Opperation Hope email.  We will then copy and paste the message into a new email and send it to the recipient.

Does the recipient know that they are receiving the email from Opperation Hope?

Yes.  Because we have an email address specifically for Opperation Hope and because we state that the message was from Opperation Hope in the signature, the recipient will know that it is from us.

Can you put more than one email address in the Intended Receiver's Email box?

Yes.  We will send the message in two, separate emails.

How did you guys come up with the idea for Opperation Hope?

We used to go to a pretty small school (there are a little over 100 students in the high school) and we liked to observe the different groups of people.  One day, as we were exiting the school bus, Aly noticed that one of the sophomores was walking alone.  (Here, we will call him 'John'.)  Usually, 'John' would hang out with a certain group of sophomores, but that day they were ignoring him, and he was ignoring them.  Later that day, at lunch, we noticed that he was not eating with his usual group and that, instead, he was eating upstairs.  This happened day after day, and we began to feel a little badly for him, but, because he is somewhat intimidating, we didn't really know what to do.  Finally, we decided to create an anonymous email and send an encouraging message and an inspiring song to his school email.  He never replied, but it made us think, "What if there are other people who want to encourage someone but don't know how?"  So we mulled over the idea for a while, pulled our act together, and Opperation Hope was born.

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