GMH is a site all about stories of giving hope.  Its sweet and touching collection of stories are sure to be an inspiration to its readers.


Are you tired of seeing destruction and negative news every time you turn on the news or every time you pick up a newspaper?  HappyNews.com is completely made of the positive elements of world current events.


Home of the smile card, Help Others.org is has everything from kindness ideas to inspirational stories.  It has a very large community of people who are always on the lookout for opportunities to do none other than help others.


This site focuses on helping others.  The webmaster emails subscribers weekly missions of kindness that they can do.  It also has a lively, active community of people at the forum.


Many girls (and guys!) these days feel undeserving or un-beautiful.  Operation Beautiful sees this and encourages us to do something about it through writing sticky notes with encouraging messages on them and posting them around the community.  Every day this site displays a gallery of post-its that people send in. 


Take On Life Now is a collection of inspirational and encouraging stories.  It also has a great selection of merchandise.