Hello there, Opperation Hopefuls!

I know this is very late (by a month, in fact), but we have been featured in ItStartsWith.Us' blog!  This is a huge honor for us because ISWU is, in fact, one of the sites that inspired us to create this site in the first place.  So, thank you to Kai and Susie for featuring us while they were still in charge of the blog, and another thank you to Nate for being awesome and founding ISWU. =)

You can read the blog post here.

Your Opperators,

Aly and Mebediel

Hey, guys,

We finally managed to make a Facebook page. So if anyone has a Facebook account, please click on that Like button on top of our page! =) Check it out here.

Thanks for your support,
Aly & Mebediel
Hey there, everyone!

Well, Aly and I put our heads together and, after a couple of experiments, discovered that the source of our trouble with the form sending/receiving was due to the type of mail system we were using.  For some strange reason, our host site would not send any of the entries to AOL while it would work for Gmail.  We have made the switch and are now happy to say that sending hope is running smoothly and can be used again.  

Thanks so much for the patience!

Your opperator,

Hello, optimists!

So far, we had about four or five requests to send someone an email, and it's been going pretty well! One person actually replied with a few questions; it seems like he is a little confused by our motives. But, hey, better than not getting a reply at all! I like to think of it as an opportunity to talk about our purpose to others. Hope more people will find out about this site and participate! It'll make a lot of people's day so much better. =)

Update: we're still trying to figure out the problem with the forms. So please be patient!

Your opperator,

Hi again everyone.

We have both good news and bad news.
Bad news: we are experiencing some technical difficulties on our site.  Someone who we know really well tried to send us a message, which we didn't receive.  I then tried out a test message, and I did not receive that either.  So if you sent us any messages, please wait until further notice before resending your information.
Good news: once the problem is fixed, the site will be running smoothly again. =)
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.  Please bear with us for the time being!

Your opperator,

Hey guys!

Opperation Hope has just made a Myspace page!  To comment or friend us, click here.

Your Opperator,

Hey, it's Aly here, and we're currently testing that everything works. Please be patient while we do all this. You'll see a real blog post as soon as we finish the finishing touches on the site.